Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Carts


Incredible Flat Fold Design
Straight Axle for Smoother Easier Push


Blade IP by Big Max USA The Blade IP by Big Max takes your push cart to a whole new level. The easy-to-use 2 step Flat Fold Opening/Closing design means you don’t need to be an engineer to figure it out. You will be able to open the lightest weight (only 14.3 lbs) Blade IP in seconds to place your golf bag on it and get on to the more important things. Out on the course the Blade IP glides along making sure your walk goes unspoiled. These carts come packed with functional features that make it a pleasure to stroll the course. The patented straight axle design positions weight across the whole axle making your push easier and eliminating wheel cambering found in “A” Frame push carts. Extra heavy duty ball bearings ensure the smoothest ride in golf for many years to come. The lighter and stronger alloy materials deliver increased stability without added weight keep your push as light as possible. When you are finished for the day, you can quickly fold Blade IP will fold down in 2 easy steps. You will be awestruck at how small the Blade IP gets (5” tall) and how little space it needs from your trunk leaving more room for your golf bag. Simply place the Blade IP flat and it will reduce sliding movement as you drive the car. The Blade IP has taken Golf Push Carts to a whole new level and why the Blade IP was awarded the Golf Digest Editors Choice Cart of the Year for 2018. Features: Fastest Folding Mechanism Ultra Flat Design (Only 5” Tall) fits in the tightest places Extreme lightweight (14.3 lbs) for fast and easy transport and pushing 5 Year Warranty when you remit your Warranty Card Height adjustable handle Storage handle for Keys, cell phone, Range Finder, Wallet and other valuables Water Bottle holder included Dual brakes Stable base design for all golf bags Adjustable upper bag brackets Scorecard holder 2 Quick lock Bases 2 Quick Fix Bases

Incredible Flat Fold Design
Straight Axle for Smoother Easier Push
Lighter-Stronger Materials
Simple 2 Step Open and Close Design
5 Year Warrantee

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